Happy Women’s Day To Y’all Beautiful Ladies

Since we are celebrating the International Women’s Day, let me wrap up to you some of interesting films in 2011 that were intended for women. I wanted to write an interesting topic – I mean a thought-provoking article such as; a woman who revolutionized the minds of many in the 15th century, women in the history of human spacefaring endeavor – but It’ll take time to do research on those. So came up with an easy topic to discussed – movies (at least for me – it is easy) . Haha 😛

What is the difference between films for men and films for women? I’m not segregating things or whatsoever – but there are films which were obviously intended for girls. Movies that most of the guys might find it boring and cheap while the women might find it brilliant. For some girls, watching movies makes them relax and entertain. In 2011, many movies win the cinemas with their interesting plot. Half of the film that I’ve truly enjoyed was from a Rom-Com genre which I’m certain that most of the women will consider to watch. 

No String Attached

A romantic comedy about friends. They have been friends for so long, but it suddenly ends when they hooked up one morning. In order to save their friendship, they had an agreement that it’s going to be a “No String Attached” relationship. It means that they can do whatever they want without expectations. Genuinely good dialogue and a few funny lines. Starred by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

From Prada to Nada

Two sisters who are left penniless and they had forced to move into their aunt. They need to adapt to their new environment. From BMW to a used car. Without possessions they’ve learned the true meaning of love and family. Not saying directly – but if you dig deeper you will see this film is for women who looked into the world with a dollar sign. Well what can I say, You girls must learn that there are much more to life that money has nothing to do with it. A must see.


It was directed by Jordan Scott. The setting was on the remote area of elite all-girls boarding school. Miss G (played by Eva Green) was the teacher of these girls and she was amused by a beautiful Spanish girl named Fiamma (Maria Valverde). She becomes obsessed with her. She becomes her favorite student. Obsessions become jealous. If you want to watch movie with unusual plot consider this one. It is way different from the usual Hollywood stuff.

Something Borrowed

A story of a 30-yr old single smart attorney named Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) looking for love that shook her entire life unexpectedly. One of a decent chick flick directed by Luke Greenfield. At first, I was like ” It’s just another typical and predictable romantic comedy” but then again I was wrong. It was not crappy as I thought. Ginnifer Goodwin was really good. She proves once again that she can be the next romantic comedy queen.

Midnight in Paris

Gil (Owen Wilson) was a Hollywood writer and he wanted to finish his novel while in Paris. He was engaged with Inez who was played by Rachel McAdams. He was sitting on the church stairs when the clocks strike at midnight. He amused by an old car that was stopped in front of him. He rides and meet a new friend. Eventually he travelled back to the past. As a writer he was amused meeting 1920’s famous writers and painters in Paris. It was not purely focused on its romantic side. The time travel concept makes the story even more interesting. Midnight in Paris offers some awesome spot in Paris.

Bad Teacher

Fun and touching story about a ruthless and foul-mouthed teacher named Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz). Literally with a bad attitude. When she was dumped by her rich fiance, she turned her affection with her co-teacher Scott (Justin Timberlake). The only problem was she got a competitor from Scott’s love – Amy. Amy’s character was excellently played by Lucy Punch. She was brilliant here I must say. Looking for a film that will make you laugh? I suggest for you to see this.

These films are excellent choice to keep you up all night. So instead of wasting money shopping or going to a parlor, why not spent some time and relaxed watching movies during the weekend. After watching you will feel great and that’s for sure.

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