Pre-Apocalypse Vacation in Palawan

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Giant two days of island hopping. It reminds me that the world still a better place at Honda bay. The fist two islands was remarkable; swimming with fishes and feeding them. Snorkeling to view the heart-stopping beautiful coral reefs. Nothing beats an extreme adventure  (Zipline.. Caving – just what I needed) at Ugong rock.

Crocodile meat (it’s kinda sad that in order to feed us, something so young and in the prime of its life has to die – and yeah – we eat them lol) Halayang ube.. Sotanghon guisado.. Seafood wakes my sexy ass up at Kinabuchs. We now know the wonders of the Underground river. A bunch of silent giggles at the swimming pool (11pm disturbing noises is a crime. Damn! I’d tell you it was hard for crazy girls like us we can’t help it at the Blue lagoon suites.

Let me tell you my story of struggles a few days Before this trip:

Struggle no. 1- as you can see this trip was scheduled for the 7th to 9th of Dec. -same date with Elton John and Sting’s concert. There’s no way we can move it next weekend because that was our Xmas party ( apparently I gave them up. Hopefully they’ll come back next year) Continue reading “Pre-Apocalypse Vacation in Palawan”