I Drew Jester And Nott

Critical Role – Whatta beautiful journey. Been amused by their crazy shits. I laughed and I cried. 😀 great peeps ^__^


I’m Gonna Miss You, Buddy

Dear John,

Ang daya mo naman eh, sabi mo you want us to meet each other one day.. I guess, it’s never going to happen now 🙁 Mr. Death already visited you 🙁 Remember when I told you na sana those evil people nlng ang ngkaganyang condition, but you scolded me that I shouldn’t be thinking that way.

Maybe you’re now wondering how the fuck did Joan know about it, since she’s just my online buddy. Na kung saan ikaw lng nakakaalam ng access para mamessage ako. Your sister told me about it. She said she was glad that she can access your email, then I remember – Yeah, I think we have a few exchange messages via email.Opened my email when I went home. I saw your sister’s message saying you passed away.

Shocked, then my tears began to filled my eyes. Tired from work and no more tears to cry.. I.. by then.. I fell asleep.

Morning.. I continued mourning.. still, can’t believe that you’re gone.”Joan would be worried if I wasn’t online” – Your sister told me this. And this was during your hospital days. I can’t help but smile that you mentioned me to your sister. I was touched he was thinking about me in his most fragile state. You always made sure that I’m not gonna get worried whenever you were being sent back to the hospital. You made me laugh even if I know you’re in pain 🙁

I messaged your sister back.. and got her response – “He really wasn’t well these last 18 months but I still hoped he would get better. But you’re right he is at peace now free from his discomfort.”

You’re really good at hiding it from me, John, and even managed to made jokes about it. Props to you. You were really happy to tell me that you already have an AC 😀

The thought that you didn’t make it on your bday makes me quite sad. It’s your birthday on February 1st. You would have been 38. Happy Birthday, bud! 🙁 Hugs** Thank you for being such a good friend and a wonderful person. This is really sad and I’m crying while typing this.

I’m going to miss those weird, interesting and informative articles you’re always sending me from time to time. All of those were amazing. Robots and other geeky out of this world, interesting stuff.

I’m gonna miss you so much, buddy 🙁

Really brave, John. Rest in Peace <3




In Love Again (Naturally)

Japan Tokyo Tower Discovery

The distance is discouraging.
Yet still, I am attached.
I’m scared to mess things up again.
I’m scared you’ll say good-bye.
I felt the sparks fly whenever we have our chitchat.
And when we watch a film together, I was like a happy cat.
I felt the sparks fly whenever you prepare your dinner.
Because food makes my heart beat faster than ever.
The scariest and the greatest feeling ever.
Infinitesimally small chances that we’re gonna be together.
That you are mine in this futile life made of matter.
That only made by accident, too- isn’t that sweeter? 
In love again and so freaking afraid this will also end like the previous one.
In love again to the man that you adore for a short period of time.
In love again, and yes this time hoping we’ll never say goodbye.
Fuck it, I’m in love! Let’s make this a passionate one. 
– Joan of Art –