Thinking Out Loud

Random Thoughts #1

While watching Umbrella Academy, there’s a scene when they were sent at a random time in the past, then I started thinking what if I was sent back in time where Google did not yet exist. I think it’s no fun at all because, most of the time, I won’t have any idea what’s gonna happen. Also, if I time travel to the date where Google has already existed, the information is still not enough since future knowledge was not yet stored in there, unless…

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Define Obsession

(I really had a hard time finding a photo  of these three gorgeous men together. Luckily, got one, and I guess I deserved a kiss  from you “Doctors”)

I Fell in love with a fictional character

Yes! He’s written in a page

Yes! Doesn’t exist in the real world

Yes! He’s a wise man creation

Yes! He only moves with our imagination

Yes! Unreal.

In my mind I can make you real

In your world, I feel like Alice at the mad hatters tea party,

I’m Fantastic and Invincible

With him! My Mad World change to flowers and flowing rivers

I can fly, and travel the whole Universe

With him! The clocks stopped and still we can do everything we want

With him! I’ll never get tired for the next adventures

With him! I can open the doors for my psychedelic perception

With him! I can erase all my agonies in life.

With him! I can cry, I can laugh, mourn, get crazy and get angry for all I care.

With him! I will never get old.

I want to write a story for both of us, If only I could, but I don’t own you.

If only I could get you  from the hands of your creator.

Why can’t I set you free from your world, If only I can hold on to you.