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I’ll be forever thankful for having these beautiful travel memories in my random futile existence here on Earth. – Joan of Art

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Dawson’s Creek Gives You Butterflies

Some episodes made me cringed— Joey’s family being the talk of the town because she has an unwed pregnant sister to a black guy. Just like Jen Lindley said, people with a “small-town mentality”. Then there’s Gramps pushing her religious beliefs to her granddaughter. Also, Jack being gay was a big issue for his dad, which can happen 23 years ago living in a small village where you know almost everybody’s background stories. Just made you wonder, in another 23 years what kind of things that happening today that we will also look back on, and say, “Boy, we were in a bad place before, and what are we in a bad place right now.”

Thinking Out Loud

While watching Umbrella Academy, there’s a scene when they were sent in a random time in the past, then I started thinking what if I was sent back in time where Google was not yet existed. I think it’s no fun at all because, most of the time, I won’t have any idea what’s gonna happen. Also, if I time travel to the date where Google was already existed, the information still not enough since future knowledge was not yet stored in there, unless…

PK – Best Movie I’ve Seen This 2020

I forgot how brilliant the 3 Idiots movie until re-watched it. It made me craved for more films like this so I ended up rummaging through Netflix of films by the same director– Rajkumar Hirani. PK’s journey is a whole lot of fun. This is the best movie I’ve seen this 2020, in a year that need of much joy and cheers we can afford. It was like a complete and perfect mixture of flavours in my very first bowl of Tantanmen Ramen.

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