Thinking Out Loud

Random Thoughts #1

While watching Umbrella Academy, there’s a scene when they were sent in a random time in the past, then I started thinking what if I was sent back in time where Google was not yet existed. I think it’s no fun at all because, most of the time, I won’t have any idea what’s gonna happen. Also, if I time travel to the date where Google was already existed, the information still not enough since future knowledge was not yet stored in there, unless…

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PK – Best Movie I’ve Seen This 2020

I forgot how brilliant the 3 Idiots movie until re-watched it this year. It made me craved for more films like this so I ended up rummaging through Netflix of films by the same director– Rajkumar Hirani. PK’s journey is a whole lot of fun. This is the best movie I’ve seen this 2020, in a year that need of much joy and cheers we can afford. It was like a complete and perfect mixture of flavours in my very first bowl of Tantanmen Ramen. Hilarious jokes are on point, awesome screenplay, and visually appealing cinematography.

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How can I review a movie without giving out spoilers? Hmm..

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Welcome To Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe!

Wake up – take a bath – go to work – hating life – home, rinse…repeat. This repetitive cycle of life can sometimes lead to depression and hopelessness. Thankfully, mankind are resourceful in finding ways to have fun in between; to relieve themselves from day by day problems and fight to survive. For gamers, online games are quite an escape from the monotonous regularity of life. In gaming, they find joy and sense of purpose  in even the most unexpected places. 

Boyfriend is an epitome of a real gamer. Thus, it would be logical for us to visit this Final Fantasy-Themed Cafe to celebrate his birthday in Japan. 

Located in Tokyo’s Akihabara district,  Eorzea Cafe is a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe where you can find a variety of Final Fantasy XIV-themed food and drinks. It is so popular that you need to queue up or have a reservation before hand.  This would definitely one of the most notable and impressive restaurants I’ve ever seen. They actually got some pretty cool stuff. 

As you walk in, you can hear a FFXIV teaser playing in the center of the cafe. You can hear people exchanging nerdy conversations. This is definitely a central social environment for Final Fantasy fanatics. Your heart will surely do some break-dancing once you see all these decorations in the Cafe, especially those Moogles, so make sure to look around before getting on your sit as they’ve actually got some pretty cool Easter eggs you should see. Take plenty of photos!

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