Welcome To Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe!

Wake up – take a bath – go to work – hating life – home, rinse…repeat. This repetitive cycle of life can sometimes lead to depression and hopelessness. Thankfully, mankind is resourceful in finding ways to have fun in between; to relieve themselves from day by day problems and fight to survive. For gamers, online games are quite an escape from the monotonous regularity of life. In gaming, they find joy and sense of purpose  in even the most unexpected places. 

Boyfriend is an epitome of a real gamer. Thus, it would be logical for us to visit this Final Fantasy-Themed Cafe to celebrate his birthday in Japan. 

Located in Tokyo’s Akihabara district,  Eorzea Cafe is a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe where you can find a variety of Final Fantasy XIV-themed food and drinks. It is so popular that you need to queue up or have a reservation beforehand.  This would definitely be one of the most notable and impressive restaurants I’ve ever seen. They actually got some pretty cool stuff. 

As you walk in, you can hear a FFXIV teaser playing in the center of the cafe. You can hear people exchanging nerdy conversations. This is definitely a central social environment for Final Fantasy fanatics. Your heart will surely do some break-dancing once you see all these decorations in the Cafe, especially those Moogles, so make sure to look around before getting on your sit as they’ve actually got some pretty cool Easter eggs you should see. Take plenty of photos!

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Must Visit For Ghibili Fans: The Ghibli Museum

I love Japan. I love their quiet and safe streets, beautiful places, temples, Zen gardens, food and more. I’ve visited Japan three times now, but I don’t mind going back if it means having another great time with my boyfriend. Sometimes if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a boyfriend, a best friend and travel buddy rolled into one.

Guess where you are going today, milady?
Studio Ghibli!!

After he said those magical words to me, my brain started to accommodate Studio Ghibli-related things. It was now preoccupied with possible things awaiting us.

Before this trip, we rewatched all the films made by Studio Ghibli. Yet, I still don’t have any idea that we are going to the Studio Ghibli Museum. Maybe because I assumed that it’s quite difficult to get a ticket reservation. They said that the museum can only accommodate 100 people. One of the reasons why a lot of people queue up to get reservations. And as a fan for quite a long time, I still can’t believe it’s really happening. He did “fucking” get us the tickets to Studio Ghibli! I was so happy I almost cried.

We joined a tour group. We have buffet food, a comfortable bus, not having difficulty finding our way to the Ghibli Museum, and a friendly, professional tour guide. Our tour guide is awesome. You get the sense that she knows what she’s talking about. That she’s also a passionate fan. On top of my overwhelming excitement, I can also feel her excitement in her voice. And the moment she smiles, you immediately see why she was perfect for this job. She’s got this bright smile when she says, “Welcome everyone, my name is Miki” not Kiki from Delivery Service 🙂 Too bad I didn’t have her photo to show. I’m afraid and too shy to take a photo of her.

She brilliantly explained our itinerary that day and provided some trivia about Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki’s favorites and what-not. How important the food is for Hayao in creating a story. Indeed, judging from his works, he always incorporates how important food is in his story. This is one of the reasons why there were food replicas from the movies on display on the 2nd floor of the museum. She also mentioned a few beautiful spots to hang out inside the museum since she will not be joining us inside. It was a fun trip on the coach. Complete with interactive games provided by our tour guide where she will show a photo of food, then get to answer which film that food belongs to. I recognized some. Yay! She showed a photo of a chicken pot pie, no one seems to know that it’s from Kiki so I just said it out loud. So proud of myself. LOL

Photo by: Ghibli Museum Review Blog

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