Thinking Out Loud

Random Thoughts #1

While watching Umbrella Academy, there’s a scene when they were sent at a random time in the past, then I started thinking what if I was sent back in time where Google did not yet exist. I think it’s no fun at all because, most of the time, I won’t have any idea what’s gonna happen. Also, if I time travel to the date where Google has already existed, the information is still not enough since future knowledge was not yet stored in there, unless…

1.) You can set the exact date to when and where to leap in your past.
2.) You’re allowed to have one piece of note to go with you where you can write down all necessary dates (good luck with that).
3.) You’re a historian but I think even being one has limits too, in terms of memorizing past events.
4.) You can go back and forth between the past and the future (but let’s say we’re focusing on one-way); you’ll be stuck in that date and not returning to the future.

Watching that series made me realize time traveling back in the past is no fun. Especially, if you were sent 2 years before an event that you know by heart something very important will happen and what are you going to do? You have to wait for 2 years. Yeah, probably the first few months would be awesome, eventually, the wait will be long and boring. The agony, man!

Plus, the convenience you’d experienced from the future will creep on you

Not to mention, the struggle of who’s gonna believe you?

I am making time travelling from the past a horror piece of a story and I’m not even sorry.

Random Thoughts #2

After reading a few serious mystery and Sci-Fi manga like 20th Century Boys, Monster, and Inu Yashiki, my mood shifted, and started reading Harem mangas like Love Hina, I”s, and Ichigo 100 —a high-school romance type of story that revolves around a guy protagonist and his struggles who to choose between a couple of girls, sometimes more.

One thing I’ve noticed about me, as I’ve seen a pattern of it as well, is that I will not continue reading a particular harem manga if the guy didn’t choose the girl I like for him to be with him in the end.

So yeah, the first thing I’ll do is to check the first few volumes, then decide which girl is the best girl for him. I will then check the last few volumes if my best girl had won his heart in the end.

Probably, even if some people said that the story was great, I will still not invest in hours of reading hundreds of volumes if he can’t be with the girl I had chosen for him. 😦 Yeah, I’m sad and bitter about it hahaha

Don’t underestimate the power of shipping, you guys!

So far, I”s and Ichigo 100 did not disappoint.

Below is a scene from I’’s showing how precious our first kisses were. ayeeee

Ohhh the optimism of youth pulling you back to be positive again.

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