Birthday Month Climb Daw Oh!

Human specie name: Joan
Evolutionary adaptability improvement: Has successfully adapted the skills of climbing 1000 meters (give or take) mountain of Sierra Madre to Buntot-Palos Falls
Mission Accomplished. YAY! 😀

Technically, I can say that this is my first successful climb as I didn’t make it to the peak (last fountain) on my very first attempt to climb a mountain in Mambukal,Bacolod.

Mambukal, Bacolod


Thanks to the tour guide. It was a successful climb because of him. He helped me carry my bag all the way up. Cheers! 😀

At first I was like, “Are you sure you want to carry my bag, because I think I can manage” – says the typical me who doesn’t want to be treated like “a pain in the ass”. He might be thinking – if I can’t make it on my own, I shouldn’t do this in the first place hahaha I know he’s a tour guide, but his job doesn’t include carrying guests’ belongings. I left him some tips, I would say fair enough. 🙂

I’m not used to climbing mountains. This is not even my past-time. And as much as possible I don’t want to do it, because it’s exhausting as fuck. I guess I’m the last (not to mention lazy) person you would know to do the “climbing stuff”. My body and feet still hurt like a bitch. I climbed because it is my birthday-month climb. Plus, I need to be prepared for my Batad trip this April (hahaha reasons). Also, I had read some blogs that it is just an easy one-hour climb (goddammint, yet more proof that you don’t have to believe in everything you’ve read on the internet, you guys – be skeptical.)

Overall, I had a blast. It was all worth it, after seeing the 80 meter height waterfalls. And that alone will surely suffice an extraordinary adventure.

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