Happy Women’s Day To Y’all Beautiful Ladies

Since we are celebrating the International Women’s Day, let me wrap up to you some of interesting films in 2011 that were intended for women. I wanted to write an interesting topic – I mean a thought-provoking article such as; a woman who revolutionized the minds of many in the 15th century, women in the history of human spacefaring endeavor – but It’ll take time to do research on those. So came up with an easy topic to discussed – movies (at least for me – it is easy) . Haha 😛

What is the difference between films for men and films for women? I’m not segregating things or whatsoever – but there are films which were obviously intended for girls. Movies that most of the guys might find it boring and cheap while the women might find it brilliant. For some girls, watching movies makes them relax and entertain. In 2011, many movies win the cinemas with their interesting plot. Half of the film that I’ve truly enjoyed was from a Rom-Com genre which I’m certain that most of the women will consider to watch.  Continue reading “Happy Women’s Day To Y’all Beautiful Ladies”