The Girl Who Waited: The Second Man

She got jealous of another girl you’re getting your eyes on.. She cried in the shower… while listening to her new downloaded song by Carole King!! It was a sad song entitled “Will you still love me tomorrow?” Every lyric brought her into tears as they were meant to hit every sad emotion she had felt that day. It was a sad and gloomy bath. “Why didn’t you pay attention to me?”, the girl whimpered. Life must go on.. she said. Strongly convincing herself to move on, find someone that will appreciate you.

So, there’s the second man. You need to start somewhere, a common ground… Bill Hicks is the name. The name that described what kind of individual this second man she met. A witty, British git, If you’d like to call him that. A smooth talker, haha she always said that to him, whenever he complimented her. In her mind, ooh this guy knows women like compliments, likes to feel special… this guy knows. ‘No, you’re gorgeous! Believe me.’, he insisted. She was lonely, a woman who needed a company, and he was there. Cheering her up. He’s really good at it. He really got her. “Click!” They’re on. It was sweet. She feels special. Right there and then, he wanted to be with her. She already fell with this second man. Argh! No escape.

Lo and behold.. She learned he has a partner. You don’t want to see this girl getting jealous, believe me. She cried. He explained she “was” his partner. “Oh Gawd! I don’t want to be a mistress”, her mind shouted. She found out, in his culture, people don’t usually get married if they don’t want to, and stay as partners for as long as they wish. Which is good. It’ll give people more options and freedom. Marriage is just for legal purposes. That being said, marriage can’t be used in judging relationships. Be married or not, what matters most is what they have is real, the love is real.
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Better Idea: Set Yourself on Fire :P

  “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.” 

Today, sadness predominates my emotions. My friends at work are now leaving due to “redundancy”. Should I stay or should I go? My side is more on resigning as I don’t have enough motivation/reasons to work in this company anymore.. I am now ready to call myself “unemployed” by December lol

Oh well, I already anticipated this shit is going to happen, but not this soon, not this Yuletide season 🙁 I am not emotionally prepared.

Dealing with depression was quite a tough deal. For now I think I need to put myself in an isolated bubble for a few days, weeks, or months.

Three Beers And More…

Got a throbbing headache while I’m typing this blog, and I’m blaming it all on the three stallion (redhorse beers) I had during the Musicians for Peace Night (reunion gathering gig) – which was held yesterday at District 2410 Bar. So my title is somehow related, though I want it not to be as much as possible, just for today 🙂 mood swings*

Even before, I was planning to write a blog about my college experience, as well as how my relationship with this organization had all begun. It made perfect sense to write about it now as I really had, to put it simply, some “blast in the past” yesterday. Had a blast seeing my batch-mates, had a blast seeing Tambang performing on the stage once again. I am glad that we were able to get in touch after so many years. We were on the getting-to-know-each-other stage that night. However, this time we had a few how’s-life conversations, such as how things have changed through the years we’ve got separated and decided to take the other route of life. Continue reading “Three Beers And More…”