Three Beers And More…

Got a throbbing headache while I’m typing this blog, and I’m blaming it all on the three stallion (redhorse beers) I had during the Musicians for Peace Night (reunion gathering gig) – which was held yesterday at District 2410 Bar. So my title is somehow related, though I want it not to be as much as possible, just for today 🙂 mood swings*

Even before, I was planning to write a blog about my college experience, as well as how my relationship with this organization had all begun. It made perfect sense to write about it now as I really had, to put it simply, some “blast in the past” yesterday. Had a blast seeing my batch-mates, had a blast seeing Tambang performing on the stage once again. I am glad that we were able to get in touch after so many years. We were on the getting-to-know-each-other stage that night. However, this time we had a few how’s-life conversations, such as how things have changed through the years we’ve got separated and decided to take the other route of life.

So here, I’ll share a little bit of my “blast from the past”. Which I considered as one of the most important and awesome parts of my life. How I met those beautiful people who were unselfishly and willing to invest their time, effort, and money on the things they are very passionate about; people’s music, “cry” for equal rights by doing a picket on the streets most of the time, so people would be aware of political and social injustice of the state. Which I also did. They made me aware of  those things, until now I must say.

Back in 2006, when I had my existential angst against my first course (Food Technology), I decided to change my course to advertising. I’m not saying food technology is no good compared to advertising, nor it doesn’t make me happy anymore. It’s just that I had a couple major subjects that I needed to re-take because my professor gave me “incomplete” grades. Having an incomplete grade to those 2 major subjects means shooting my own foot. Why did I say so? Here’s the reason why, each subject has a 2-hour laboratory and 2-hour lecture, oh god, can you feel my boredom back then yet? Indeed, it would be a tormenting boredom AGAIN. Thus, I made that life changing decision. Although taking up those subjects for the first time was quite thrilling; thrilled by the thought of new worthwhile information to gain; food microbes that once unknown to me are now having a name – I still don’t find myself taking it up again. If my obsessions with science had overwhelmed me earlier, when I’m at my 18-year old to be exact, I wouldn’t find those subjects to be THAT difficult, I think. I would definitely embrace those complicated lectures. Also, the 4-hour laboratory would be bearable. But since I was an easily-get-bored college student who always wanted something new, and who wanted things to be easy and to be immediately accomplished, I quit.

Meet Patricia, she is a friend of mine and I guess she’s the main reason why I joined the Musicians for Peace community. Since I’ll be around our main campus, we decided to meet once in a while. She talked to me about how passionate she was in joining the said community. And then I was like, why not?! I mean, now that I’m going to a brand new phase of my college life, starting with my new course, new professors, new classmates, new everything. So I think joining an organization would help me sort things out. Perhaps, Pat really has the knack of convincing people — because she made me do it, I joined the new crowd. We passed along their headquarters, I could tell right off the bat there was something weird, cool, different and strange going on in this organization — in a good way — of course. I’m so fucking judgmental lol

Warning: This statement might cause you a severe headache with an hour of hemorrhage. So might as well…. Ironically, Pat didn’t even join me to be part of the organization. She lured me. She made me join the group and now she’s leaving me alone with a bunch of strangers. She promised that we will have a good time together on this journey. I even imagined us, holding hands. Yeah Pat and me, together we’ll conquer this new experience, an experience so bizarre yet so strange. But then again, I am alone. sobbing** ((((Exaggeration))))

There’s only one guy in the room when I knocked. I still remember, in clear detail, how shocked he was when I told him that I wanted to join. He handed me the form and said, “fill this out”. Then he continued by asking, why would you like to join? Haha I know, I shouldn’t be surprised in the first place to be asked that particular question. It ought to be asked. I just don’t know what to say. Should I say I decided to join out on a whim? Or should I say, I got curious, what do you guys have to offer? Either way, I had to be part of this “cool club”. And yes, I got in. There is nothing more surprising than finding out four of my classmates were also members of the organization. They were cute and cool. Argh! Should I need to mention that? Okay, just to give you the idea. Oh well, I know they won’t be able to read this, so I guess I’m not going to edit that one. 😛 Hahaha If in case, they did?! Just don’t let it go to your head, guys 😛 However, this fortunate event made me really happy. It somehow gave my advertising classmates an impression that I am cool as well. Especially Kevin. Kevin was the eye-candy in the class, so to speak. His hair was red-dyed (like the one in the anime). He’s so cute while he’s carrying his new gadget whatsoever. Albeit, Kevin is not part of my organization, he’s a member of the other group which was also part of the alliance within the organization. In other words, our organizations both carry out almost the same principle.  You dig? Is that making any sense to you, or am I mumbling my words to you now?

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Finished? Good. Now I’ll continue..

We have now reached the part where I am shamelessly going to tell you about my crushes, minor and major mishaps, drinking sessions, jamming and all that. Unlike on the first day where only one guy occupied the room, the next few days in the organization were now populated with different kinds of people. Ugh, I have a lot of memories, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you all of it, because what might interest me could be too boring to you. So my cherry picking style of writing is now badly needed.

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