PAUL (2011)! Not Your Usual Alien Film

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Are you looking for a not-so-heavy alien film, comical and just a feel-good one? This is what I’m going to recommend for you. As soon as you’ve read this, you should grab the popcorn, sit on a couch and watch this.


Paul was a film about an alien named Paul who has crashed on Planet Earth he was captured by the Government but he managed to escape. Paul hits the road and bumped to a car of two geek friends named Graeme Willy (played by Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (played by Nick Frost) which was about to go to a comic-con event, and their adventures with Paul begin. They were chased by the Government, because they were still keeping Paul. Continue reading “PAUL (2011)! Not Your Usual Alien Film”

Best Celebrity Cameos Spotted!

I’m a movie buff (haha self-proclaimed). Classic, funny and sci-fi movies work for me. I don’t let my day pass without watching one, two or more films. I wish there were more hours in the day for me to sit around and movie marathon all day.
We almost have an O-face when we see our favorite actor(s) unexpectedly appear in the movies that we are watching.

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“The Kid” An Epic Silent Film

In the middle of nothing to do, I decided to watch The Kid by Charlie Chaplin and I turned out liking it. This film was one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin films. I did find out about this when someone from my Flixster friends sent me a recommendation. He said that it was really spectacular ( and I guess that’s the best description of a film) and it caught my attention.

Charlie Chaplin had been preparing for a movie that he will be called “The Kid”, but he kept on postponing the project movie because he hadn’t seen yet the right kid who’s going to portray the lead star. Luckily, Charlie’s friend down to the hotel had introduced young Jackie Coogan to him. Apparently, Charlie was impressed with Jackie’s performance and you will see his brilliant acting in this film. Continue reading ““The Kid” An Epic Silent Film”