“The Kid” An Epic Silent Film

In the middle of nothing to do, I decided to watch The Kid by Charlie Chaplin and I turned out liking it. This film was one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin films. I did find out about this when someone from my Flixster friends sent me a recommendation. He said that it was really spectacular ( and I guess that’s the best description of a film) and it caught my attention.

Charlie Chaplin had been preparing for a movie that he will be called “The Kid”, but he kept on postponing the project movie because he hadn’t seen yet the right kid who’s going to portray the lead star. Luckily, Charlie’s friend down to the hotel had introduced young Jackie Coogan to him. Apparently, Charlie was impressed with Jackie’s performance and you will see his brilliant acting in this film.

The kid is about a mother that leaves her baby in the limousine, then accidentally the tramp (which was played by Charlie) found the baby. At first, he doesn’t want to keep it but his conscience eats him, and he decides to raise the child. Their journey begins, cleaning the windows in tandem, eating together, sleeping together, taking each other’s arm. But then again, just like the other film, a big problem knocked them out. It was one night when the kid became seriously ill and he needed proper medication from a doctor. They discovered that Charlie is not the kid’s true father, so they wanted to take the child away to an Orphan Institutes.

   Jackie Coogan

While watching I find myself spending most of my time staring at the cute little Jackie Coogan. And since then I have begun watching silent films which were for me, an old great concept of art. Charlie and Jackie’s tandem is undeniably entertaining and unforgettable. Most of the time you will laugh and at the same time you will cry your heart out.

After seeing this film, I really wanted to meet Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan. Congratulate them in person. What a brilliant work of art. See for yourself, you’ll love it. I bet my house with my dog in it.

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