Best Celebrity Cameos Spotted!

I’m a movie buff (haha self-proclaimed). Classic, funny and sci-fi movies work for me. I don’t let my day pass without watching one, two or more films. I wish there were more hours in the day for me to sit around and movie marathon all day.
We almost have an O-face when we see our favorite actor(s) unexpectedly appear in the movies that we are watching.

Directors and writers often play tricks on us. They want to know if their viewers really pay attention to their films. They’re having fun showing in their films acting as one of the roles in the scene. Spotting cameos are quite hard if you don’t know the great details of your Favorite actor, writer, director, athlete and so on.

A cameo is defined as a brief appearance of a famous person in a work of the performing arts. Some are unexpected and some have already announced their appearances ahead. It is called a movie cameo if there was an unaccredited appearance by famous people in movies. Many directors have enjoyed appearing in their own movies.

Here is the list of the most remarkable and unexpected movie cameos.

Bill Murray ‘Zombieland’

I remember almost nothing about Zombieland (This movie almost ruined Harrelson’s image, I still like him though) except that Bill Murray scared my heart out by being one of the zombies in this film.

He appears when the zombie slayer named Tallahassee and his team need a house to stay to escape the horrific zombie invasion. Luckily they found Murray’s mansion.


Mike Tyson ‘The Hangover”

This cameo is perhaps a bit more unexpected than the cameo appearance by Bill Murray. He appears at the climax of the movie. Zach and the rest of the gang trespassed Mike Tyson’s mansion.

               (Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Mike Tyson’s appearance was a knockout to the viewers and he earned a prominent place in the coming hangover sequel.

Keith Richards ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4’

You fail if you don’t recognize Keith in here. If so, then you are a certified Rolling Stones’ fanatic. Perhaps the most famous unexpected movie cameo of all time, or was it?

Keith Richards played the role of Jack Sparrow’s drunken father. Keith Richards’ appearances have been true highlights and much awaited.

Alice Cooper Dark Shadows

The latest movie of this year, The Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton, has a cameo of the famous rock star Alice Cooper. The vampire named Barnabas was awakened in the 1970’s and that’s the year when Alice Cooper was in his prime.

Barnabas throws a party and Alice Copper was his guest performer. He sang “This maniacs in love with you”. Barnabas says, “The ugliest woman I’ve ever seen”. 😛

2 thoughts on “Best Celebrity Cameos Spotted!

  1. so true and this unexpected appearances of known personalities somehow will make you out of focus in the movie itself, you will just find yourself asking the person beside you “is it __?” did i just saw __?


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