What would you say if you meet Carl Sagan


What would you say if you met Carl Sagan?

The one of the most love of my life is in front of me, waiting for me to talk? Whoa! Whoa! Wow! That is a great question. I don’t know if I could act normally in front of him, most likely, I guess I’ll be tongue tied and run out of words to say.

First off, okay! What a great human being you are. Can I have sex with you? And let me bear your sixth child? (Fuck) That was a ridiculous thing to ask–not to mention, nasty. But seriously, I’ll tell him that! No offense Ms. Ann Druyan.

Carl will say no! We both know that. I’m just being delusional, so why would I waste my time asking him that stupid thing. Forgive me.

Okay! I’ll start all over again.

Hi Mr. Carl Sagan, you don’t have any idea how I feel now that I had a chance to meet you. It’s incredible. You didn’t know me but I know you, oh sort of, not well enough. Anyway, I’ve watched your cosmos series and I considered it as one of the greatest series of all time. I’m not saying to impress you, I’m saying this ‘because it is true. And I’m pretty sure you are aware of how great you are. You did a great job here on earth, undeniably.

You are one of my science geniuses/heroes who is responsible for my cosmos consciousness. This awareness of mine has changed my perspective radically. From being nationalist (as a former idealist) to a human being who looks at the earth as one nation, as a whole, as a pale blue dot. I became what you called a child of cosmos. Your ideology is far more marvelous across the globe than you have ever imagined it.

It touches my heart in every possible way, which is not unlikely to happen – because you are quite impressive and an effective host/teacher/lecturer. I even hope that your cosmos series could make its way to every home television or even have a part of the syllabus in every nation’s educational system. When that day comes, hopefully, that would be the sweetest, greatest thing to happen on Earth.

I’m hoping that I’ll meet a guy just like you. Or somehow a husband who’s just like you. Imagine if all the political leaders around the world could somehow think exactly just like the way you think, this will be a better place sir.

Why so soon sir? Why did you leave us so soon? I know you are gone physically, you are now in the depths of the cosmic arena that you have always dreamt to become a part of.

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