I’m Sorry For Being Delusional (Again)

There are four scenes that lingered in my mind after watching the last installment of Kenshin last Sept. 24 (Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends).

First: Master Seijūrō Hiko

I am accusing him for being so utterly handsome. And he is guilty of it! Continue reading “I’m Sorry For Being Delusional (Again)”

Nostalgia is a Perfect Drug — Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

Don’t worry guys this review won’t spoil you, in case you haven’t seen it — I just want to share what I feel about this film. If it did spoil you, then forgive me. Although I used some photos from the films that we, the viewers laughed the hell out of. Mostly from Sanosuke “The Comedian” Sagara punchlines 🙂

The feeling that you’re going back to the time when you first watched Kenshin the animated version on the television.  The time when I was so focused on the television because I don’t want to miss a bit of an action. When I was almost rushing from the school to our house so I won’t miss it. The time when you are enjoying every fight scenes without even arguing about your moral compass against violence and simply say, “Wow ang galing ng moves ni Kenshin, what’s the name of that technique again?” The time when you wanted those characters to be real. How many times did battosai “the anime version” flash his iconic smile in my mind whenever I gazed upon Takeru Sato’s face on the big screen?! I can’t remember. Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing. 🙂

That’s exactly what I felt while watching this sequel of Rurouni Kenshin. FUCKING NOSTALGIC. And those Japanese behind this film did a great job to make me feel that way. They made it almost the same and accurate to the animated series as much as possible. Why didn’t I have a review for the first one? Maybe I got lazy haha I don’t know either. Perhaps, this Kyoto Inferno part has a huge effect on me than the first film. Why? Because I say so lol. No. Because I recently watched it? Plus the fact that my creative juices were active and they wanted to write something? I guess, it’s because that film is almost the climax of Kenshin’s life. The latter part of the animated series which has a big part in my memory that still remains with clearer details. The nostalgia is fucking intense on this one. Also, there’s a lot of characters that I’m familiar with.

Whenever I recognized a familiar face, I was like “Uy, si ano to… Shit nakakainis kamukhang kamukha,” in an outburst to my workmate. Don’t worry guys, I am not the only one who did that, hahaha I overheard the one at the back, “kamukha ni ano…”, and the guy right beside me as well. Kudos to Takeru Satô <stands up while slowly clapping>. If you have watched the sneak peek from the first film — he did his stunts on his own, I mean they didn’t hire a stunt man to do some complicated stunts. The footage also shows how he patiently learned the step-by-step moves of a real swordsman. How he kept smiling on the set while doing the fight scenes, despite the long and tiring training.

(you could tell by his exhausted face that still managed to give us a smile). I can’t imagine how hard his training has gone this time. Now that all throughout, from start to finish (well, almost) there’s a fight scene.

I don’t remember how many times I tapped my workmate’s elbow whenever I saw a familiar Kenshin’s aura/other character’s familiar trademark (anggulo kuhang kuha sa anime), such as running at the top of the roof (though I’ve seen this on the first one, but still) Sanosuke’s bamboo lifting!?! Is that what we called it? Hello 90’s fans? Kenshin’s angle when he’s holding his sword and getting knocked down. The famous Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū style, the double-sworded guy frolicking his smile, argh! My workmate says, “uy kumi-Kpop si kuya.” Then we both laughed.


Those fight scenes, they are all coming back to me that day. Speaking of Cho, the double-sworded guy, Sawagejo Cho is one of Shishio’s Juppongatana. Kenshin vs Cho is one of my favorite fight scenes from the animated series, I guess that’s the reason why I’m a bit (just a bit) disappointed in that particular scene. I expected more, but I understand. That 2 hour full length film, time is not enough and it is quite hard to pack all the beautiful scenes from the anime.

Overall, it was an amazing and satisfying sequel to Rurouni Kenshin Live-action. The great performances of the cast are remarkable.


Goddammit, Shishio!!!! After watching, I was trying to remember why I had a crush on you before (next to Kenshin, of course). As far as I can remember, from a 13-year old Joan’s perspective, I love the fight between Shishio and Kenshin from the animated series, as well as the backstory, how Shishio became the most notorious assassin. As a kid full of emotions, I felt the pain of Shishio. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I also like Shishio (we all know how well some of the Japanese writers leave our hearts broken with their stories, right?) And If I wasn’t mistaken, there’s also a Shishio love story that I admired, but let’s leave it there. Most probably, I’m into bad guys back then! lol Let’s just wait for the next film has to offer. I can’t wait!!

The setting!
Shishio hideout/headquarters.
Yeah, this is the first thing that I have noticed. Coool!!! It captured the exact Shishio’ headquarter in the TV series (the movie crew definitely gained a lot of points from me by doing that). The 2nd frame where there’s a lake of fire, the sofa, those wooden buildings. AWESSSOOOOMEEE!!!


I really tried to look for a better photo of this Shishio’ hideout, but unfortunately didn’t get one. Will edit this as soon as I get a good one.


Also, I would like to commend this little kid’s performance. Brilliant.

Finally, I would like to thank the people who made this possible (FUCK, awards night?) hehe Anyway, yeah, I would like to thank my workmate sister’s sureseats account for giving us the no-hassle and comfortable reserved seats. PERFECT!


Here’s the story:

When we finally arrived at the cinema, it was 20 minutes before the film started. I went to the ticket booth, and the lady showed me the available seats on screen. I almost gasped to my surprise when I saw the available slots; one or two at the right corner, and two slots on the left. Dafuq. It was nearly full. It’s a plaque haha. Then I said to the lady, “No, we have our reservations.” tarush*

Then she pointed the another ticket booth for the sureseats,  with her face telling me “You’re supposed to go there.” I’m sorry for my ignorance, ate hehe first time ko kasing magsureseats. Patawarin mo na ako please.

Actually, I was expecting THAT overwhelming support for Kenshin, just like the last time. Sabe nga ng friend ko “Iba tlaga nagagawa ng nostalgia.  Kasi ung mga batang 90s may mga trabaho na ngaun (working class) hehe.” ;P

You know what I mean.. ^_^