Isla Gigantes

Molo Church… Miagao….. Dumangas,Iloilo (cousin’s house)….

Jo’s Chicken Inato ….Ong Bun Pension House …….. Gigantes Island…. Beautiful Lighthouse…. Gold Eagle Beer…… Scallops….

Just like what Doctor Who says ” Anywhere you want. Any time you want. One condition: it has to be amazing”

We’ve visited my cousin’s house in Dumangas to eat the one of the most Ilonggo’s favorite delicacies called “Kadyos”

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Aquatic Invasion

They supposed to be wandering the vastness of the ocean.

Earth’s oceans are massive and eerie places.
My imagination often takes me to think what’s deep down there.
IS the theory in the Sci-Fi films like a giant killer octopus, shark etc. possible?
I guess, the likelihood to have them in inaccessible parts of the sea was higher.
It really gives me the creeps.
Let me enjoy my wild imagination, until science disproved that there’s no giant marine life killer.
Meanwhile, have your eyes be amazed by these beautiful species.
Manila Ocean Park 03.23.2013

Place the mouse over the photo to unravel what those sea creatures capable of


Yehey! May snow na sa Pinas!
Yehey! May snow na sa Pinas!

Disclaimer : Some photos courtesy of Ms. Anna Gabo 😀