Another Earth

Is it possible to eat pizza, to cook and to live on another planet? If that shit happens, I’m gonna build my own house there. Well, maybe in your head you are cursing me like ” what the hell are you talking about?” Are you going nuts? Oh come on you need to stop your curiosity and the wonder of your idiot head. No pal, that’s not gonna stop me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Earth more than you do. The Earth provides us with air, food, and other necessities that we need to live comfortably even without any help from technology. Just in case you don’t want to live on this planet anymore, let me provide you with a list of possible planets to live on.

Astronomers have found an Earthlike planet in the Goldilocks zone. It was three times the mass of Earth and its nearby the red dwarf star Gliese 581. (Picture) Goldilocks zone is the region where you can find liquid water on its surface. This planet was known for the time being as Gliese 581c.

 Gliese 581c

They said that the only realistic and possible planet is Mars because of its closeness to the Earth. We would need to emit an enormous greenhouse gas to increase the temperature and to maintain the existence of the liquid water. We just need enough years of preparation. We need the right temperature to keep us healthy and in order to achieve this, our body needs 37°C to maintain a body temperature. What the heck can we just build a suit to fight hypothermia or hyperthermia?

Another one is Kepler 22b. It was known as the “Earth Twin”.  In 2009, the Kepler telescope was launched. This Telescope is known to look for evidence of the existence of planets similar to planet Earth.

 Kepler 22b

 ( Right now? Seriously, I want to do the same old idea and fantasies of the exodus and escape from Earth to this Kepler planet.)

Kepler Telescope 

( “The fact that we’ve found so many planet candidates in such a tiny fraction of the sky suggests there are countless planets orbiting sun-like stars in our galaxy.” — William Borucki, NASA)

Then, The HD85512b is a confirmed habitable planet and it’s 36 light years away in the constellation Vela. It is more than three times as heavy as the Earth. HD 85512 b is considered to be one of the best possible planets for habitability (as of August, 2011.)


Great news, Earthlings here’s another one:
KOI-494.01 has a mass 15% more than Earth with a radius 5% more than Earth, and amazingly the KOI-494.01 temperature gives 2 °F (1 °C) cooler than Earth, so It is quite comfortable for human life. (And the most important “catch” is that it has not yet been confirmed.)

KOI 494.01, KOI 784.01, and KOI 610. 01. These exoplanets were named by letter and number series to identify them.

Overall there are 16 planets ranked by their similarity to the planet Earth (scale known as the Earth Similarity Index or ESI).

Oh come on! Lets face it,  there is so much news saying that they have found the right one and most likely a possible candidate, but it’s something that never achieved. Soon baby soon!

So is it possible to live on another planet?  YES! but we need a lot of preparation, advanced technology, and more spaceships.

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