I Want to Die by Natural Selection, Not by Artificial Selection Favored by Human

The news was showing about Pnoy allegedly wanted to extend his term. Then I started talking what’s my stand as the news goes on. Haha it’s always like that, whenever I heard about politics (PH). I know they might find it jarringly annoying at times, I could feel it. At least they’re still listen, and that’s the most important to me. Just so you know, I am not so favor to the president term extension. So my sister asked me this question yesterday, “so sinu gusto mo umupo?” This question has pointed out two intentions (why did i say so? Because of her tone of voice), either she wanted to imply this “gusto mo si Binay? Eh corrupt din yon,” or this one “would you please cut it out, wala namang “okay” na papalit.

Surprisingly, I didn’t expect that question, because most of the time they let me talk. My mama was there, I know that she’s waiting for me to answer my sister’s question (though i couldn’t tell what’s the reaction on her face as I’m facing the tv, and she’s at my back, but I know she’s waiting)

Let me give you some perspective here why I have to include my mother’s presence. She’s one of Pnoy’s fanatics before. Yeah, she’s “dilawan” before ( the term in reference to the president’s alliances. How I love to use that term 🙂 ) Yup. I guess I had a big part in changing her views towards Pnoy, recently. I told her about the DAP and his agenda DAP article source.

You might simply won’t agree with my source, and would dismiss it immediately as biased against government agendas, but the information in this article has the same information on the television — is just that the one on the telly was just completely twisted in favor, of course, to the government. I understand why she was a “dilawan.” Since she is always at home, the television plays an important role. The media is obviously biased towards the government. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories myself (but inevitably you get one every now and then that turns out to be true), however, I am not a fool for not knowing whether it is true or not, haha thanks to some reliable sources on the internet. Yeah, sad to say that this type of conspiracy is possible in my state. The Philippine government is still manipulating the media every now and then.  Over the years, the media — particularly the news segment — is doing a really good job manipulating what things need to be published (most of the time, good news) in favor of their boss(es). News that automatically gives the president’s administration a vote up. News that they make it somehow more appealing to the masses in a good way. More often than not, they report stories not because it is the truth, but because they have been ordered to do so.

And now, here’s my answer to my sister’s question:

First of all, I don’t like Pnoy as much as I don’t like Binay to be the next president. So far, there’s none from the senators down to congress who is appealing to me yet. And that’s the problem here, they let us vote “trapo” means garbage candidates. And I followed my answer with an outburst “we should change the COMELEC standards in selecting candidacy. Change it, if we can’t do that to the senatorial positions then at least make it possible to the presidential post. How about let them take a series of psychological exams, humanitarian exams, science literacy exams, etc., before putting them on the list. Examine the results and report them to the masses. Not just because the candidate is charismatic, popular, financially stable, and graduated from Harvard. Hmmm whatelse…

Maybe you would ask, “papalit palit nlng ng president?” If that is what it takes for the improvement of our country. Do it every year, or quarterly, if that person didn’t get what needs to be done. I am into that. The whole improvement is more important.

“Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.” I saw this phrase in my news feed today. ( Twice, thrice, I can’t remember) Then I thought, yeah, that’s true. Therefore, I suggest that changing the COMELEC standards in accepting candidacy is the most apt thing to do. More importantly, it is practical and achievable.

I know I gave them a satisfactory answer when mama says “tama,” after my explanation. I don’t know, but It felt so good inside. I don’t want to just throw my hopes up and say, Let’s face it, we’re fucked. However, I cannot do this thing alone, spread the word. It is a task far beyond any one person, I know we can still do this all together. There’s always a glimmer of hope somewhere.

PS. Title is unrelated. haha sort of. Thing is, I just wanted to use that phrase which I made out of nowhere — I guess when I was travelling from home, and listening to Galaxy Song by Monty Python.

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