Aquatic Invasion


They supposed to be wandering the vastness of the ocean.


Earth’s oceans are massive and eerie places.
My imagination often takes me to think what’s deep down there.
Does the theory in the Sci-Fi films like a giant killer octopus, shark etc. are possible?
I guess, the likelihood to have them in inaccessible parts of the sea was higher.
It really gives me the creep.
Let me enjoy my wild imagination, until science disproved that there’s no giant marine life killer.
Meanwhile, have your eyes be amazed by these beautiful species.


Manila Ocean Park 03.23.2013

Place the mouse over the photo to unravel what those sea creatures capable of


Yehey! May snow na sa Pinas!
Yehey! May snow na sa Pinas!

Disclaimer : Some photos courtesy of Ms. Anna Gabo 😀

Pre-Apocalypse Vacation in Palawan

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Giant two days of island hopping. It reminds me that the world still a better place at Honda bay. The fist two islands was remarkable; swimming with fishes and feeding them. Snorkeling to view the heartstoppingly beauty of coral reefs. Nothing beats an extreme adventure  (Zipline.. Caving – just what I needed) at Ugong rock.

Crocodile meat (it’s kinda sad in order to feed us, something so young and in the prime of its life has to die – and yeah – we eat them lol) Halayang ube.. Sotanghon guisado.. Seafood wakes my sexy ass up at Kinabuchs. We now know the wonders of the Underground river. A bunch of silent giggles at the swimming pool (11pm disturbing noises is a crime. Damn! I’d tell you it was hard for crazy girls like us we can’t help it at the Blue lagoon suites.

Let me tell you my story of struggles a few days Before this trip:

Struggle no. 1- as you can see this trip was scheduled for the 7th to 9th of Dec. -same date with Elton John and Sting’s concert. There’s no way we can move it next weekend because that was our Xmas party ( apparently I gave them up. Hopefully they’ll come back next yr.) Continue reading “Pre-Apocalypse Vacation in Palawan”