See Ya in CEBU!

I had the most remarkable travel experiences in my first job after graduation. Booking Promo flights didn’t stand a chance to a pair of keen eyes of my former colleagues and we always ended up getting the cheapest ones. Very few people have traveled before; there’s no Instagram yet. An era where Facebook has not yet been utilized as a virtual photo album. That’s why when I’m saying “Yes” to my former workmates if I’d like to join, it’s simply because I feel like it and thinking maybe it would be fun. Oh well,  I haven’t been to Cebu, and the fare they got was quite cheap, so why not. Plus the fact that it’s pretty cheap that you wouldn’t regret if the plan pushed through or not. Since then, I’ve been bitten by a travel bug.

With only two days and one night in Cebu, we’re so incredibly lucky to be aligned with our itinerary. From the food we are craving and hearing from the locals to the places that we saw online – it was worth it.

Magellan Cross

We arrived in Cebu at night and the Basilica del Santo Nino, which was the oldest Catholic Church in the Philippines, was closed. So we set our foot outside the Magellan Cross. As a sucker of any form of arts, I’ve been impressed by the architecture.