Civilized Society is Knocking…

Was having a breakfast yesterday morning, then my papa says, “more than 40 police officers were killed in Mindanao.”

FFFF!! What a way to start a morning. My morning became “mourning”. 🙁

What a tragic lost. This is so sad.


Here's the site: 40 Philippine police killed in clash with Rebel Muslims 

Tsk so many lives have wasted 🙁 The close encounter or closer attack to those rebels and members of the terrorist group is not advisable. Hey! Those were the people who blew up themselves in the public, remember? Those kind of people who are willing to die no matter what.

They’d been set a bomb in the malls, remember? The bus bombing incident? Who can forget the LRT bombing? And those rebels’ inhumane acts of terror in many other countries? By that, they’d just stripped away all the humanitarian treatment and individual rights that I could give to them. Terrorists don’t deserve my respect, simply because they don’t acknowledge one. And they didn’t practice one for themselves.

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