RELAX! Take it Easy

My friend and I watched “Wild” in the cinema yesterday. I just remember this; I so love all the soundtracks in this Easy Rider film. Reese should ride a bike the next time she’d plan to do it again. Just kidding 😀 No, I’m serious lol

I saw this film during the time when I was depressed, and it really helped me to relax. The songs, the scenery, the not-a-care-in-the-world scenes, getting lost in the wilderness. Then eventually realize that the world still goes on; I mean I could be depressed in any way I could, but the world still goes the way it wanted on the other part of the world – to the other people. And by knowing that, I feel more animated rather than feeling demoralized. Is it strange to feel that way? Because I think it is. Hey, it simply showed me to  “cheer the fuck up, and don’t be a self-centered bitch!”; “Woman up, and  stare the universe right on its face”. And in evolution’s natural selection term, it would say this “Adapt or be miserable for the rest of your life’. The world still has a googol number of experiences you have to enthrall. LOL
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