Civilized Society is Knocking…

Was having a breakfast yesterday morning, then my papa says, “more than 40 police officers were killed in Mindanao.”

FFFF!! What a way to start a morning. My morning became “mourning”. 🙁

What a tragic lost. This is so sad.


Here's the site: 40 Philippine police killed in clash with Rebel Muslims 

Tsk so many lives have wasted 🙁 The close encounter or closer attack to those rebels and members of the terrorist group is not advisable. Hey! Those were the people who blew up themselves in the public, remember? Those kind of people who are willing to die no matter what.

They’d been set a bomb in the malls, remember? The bus bombing incident? Who can forget the LRT bombing? And those rebels’ inhumane acts of terror in many other countries? By that, they’d just stripped away all the humanitarian treatment and individual rights that I could give to them. Terrorists don’t deserve my respect, simply because they don’t acknowledge one. And they didn’t practice one for themselves.

I mean those Muslim rebels (jihadists/terrorist groups whatsoever) didn’t care at all, for us, for every human being. And guess what? They didn’t even care about their very own lives. Strapping the bomb onto their body to fulfill their ideology? We might think that the only person who could possibly do those horrific acts were delusional psychopaths. But those people were in their right minds with a downright erroneous principle and beliefs. Sad to say, but they believe in those ideas. They could kill as many civilians as they want, and they would still think they’re the heroes and they’re the martyrs. Which was also fueled by their supernatural idea of “paradise”…”holy war”.. “martyrdom” .  Their law (sharia) which was based on their beliefs (Islamic Ideology) saying that stoning to death is somehow reasonable punishment to adultery. How come their men can marry 3, 4 or 5 wives? Death punishment for gays whose only crime is being gay. A radical change needs to start somewhere and it has to be on “A reformation on their laws for the betterment of their people.

There are people who actually speaks out for them on how barbaric their religion is, how it infringed human rights. Unfortunately they had actually faced a great deal of death threats. (American atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh)

Some might say, “Violence is hardwired into the genetic make-up of every living being on our planet.” Sure, humans are violent, we are horrible. We were before. Those medieval dark ages were long gone. This is the 21st century, pal – and those backwards and barbaric acts in this civilized society were not allowed. You should face the consequences you have done to your fellow human being. Those evil actions you could ever think of were punishable by law.

And to rub salt into the wound, their target – Malaysian terrorist Jemaah Islamiya-trained bomb expert Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, and his Filipino counterpart Basit Usman are still at large. :-/

Also, Mr. President you are the chief of command; you know that this operation will be needing a reinforcement in case MILF, BIFF and other Muslim rebels within the area will joined forces (which exactly the case) and ambush your troops, then why you didn’t come up with that? Why you didn’t send a reinforcement? You should be ashamed of yourself, and you should resign.

Why they want their own territory in the first place? Why they want to be separated from the Philippine Government? To have their own corrupted system? Just like the Ampatuan’s who accumulated an enormous amount of wealth, mansions and lands? To have the freedom to abuse and commit crimes once they got their own power, and did not want to be held accountable for those crimes under the Philippine law? To have their own sharia law (religion-governed law) – which was also based on barbaric punishment that infringed human rights to their fellow Muslims?

There are Muslims who don’t want to live by those dogmas. Just like us, they just want to get along with the society peacefully, but their reformation needs to start within them, within the moderate Muslims. Very few ex-Muslims wanted a reform. They believe it’s blasphemous – and the punishment is death. Their silence doesn’t necessarily mean that they were okay with that. Most of them were afraid to speak against them. A fear that they might be killed when they speak out against their religion. Their freedom of speech was suppressed, and I think it just logical to speak out for them as we are more free to do so. Not spouting “Islamophobia!” while sitting on fence and distract the others on the issue at hand because it’s gonna solve anything, We sensible human beings who have the luxury of democracy should make this world a “safer” place first, so more and more Muslims who wanted to speak out will not held back with fear.

One of the most important issues that needs an immediate attention from all of us who wanted to have a peaceful country to live in. Their law needs a reform – this letter from Eiynah (Pakistani-Canadian blogger/illustrator) 

When I grow up – I want a world that’s stopped killing people over fairy tales.

When I grow up - I want a world that's stopped killing people over fairy tales.

And lastly, I believe that being HUMAN is enough for us to be kind to one another. ;(


Edit for update:
‘The US Federal Bureau of Investigation ‘has evidence that supports the claim’ that it was top terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir who was killed on January 25 in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, according to a police report.’

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