Bye Flixster!

There was a challenge on Facebook that I joined last week. The rule was, you need to list down 15 movies within 15 minutes. Watching movies is one of my passions, so I did break the rule. I signed back into my Flixster account and checked my favorite movies on my list, which I haven’t done for quite a long time.
For those who have no idea what Flixster is, let me quickly sum it up for you. It is a social site where you can review the film(s) you have recently watched, soon to watch, and films for recommendation. After logging in, here’s what I got.

Flixster Share Movie Ratings with Friends

I would definitely miss this community, albeit my reviews are still accessible as what they’ve said, the community with strangers who had shared your common interest — is what makes me mourn. I am not saying “good” bye because it wasn’t a good thing that it’s gone now. Flixter does me four things; broadens my movie preferences, encourages my enthusiasm towards actors, directors, cinematography etc., it does help me on how to review a certain film (just like the other first timer, the struggle is real).  Also, meeting movie enthusiasts just like me. Had a few friends on my list. Perhaps I am fussy. To be included on my list, the requirements have been always the same; you have reviewed some of my favorite films and rated them as 5 stars, and have interesting reviews. Aside from IMDB, this account also gave me a reasonable feedback for the film that I was planning to watch soon.

Joan of Art s JoanofArt Profile

Member for 5 years!! Got a lot of memories. Thanks for all the memories, Flixster. You’re one of the reasons why I am so keen on watching films now and then. All those recommendations from my friends are quite a big help. Yes, that was right. I got 585 reviews!? I myself couldn’t believe it either.  As far as I remember, those were my bum days where I could watch any movies I wanted. That was like 5 films in a row, I even forgot to take a bath, and got really wasted bumming around.

As I browsed my flixster profile and my movie reviews. I can actually compare how my standards and perspectives have been changed in a matter of almost 5 years. I have noticed that I was very generous in giving 5 stars. I’m saying this not  because the film doesn’t deserve it, it is just that I’m really easy to please. And it shows how many favorite films I had on my list. Nevertheless, I don’t think I would still enjoy some of the films the way I did before. I don’t think I would still be noticing those silly things which I have noticed throughout a certain film before, as I became more critical of the plot nowadays. I don’t even know if that was a good thing. I became more observant of movies’ flaws, rather than the entertaining part of it. One thing I am sure of, some of my reviews would definitely not be the same on my standards today. I will miss it, I will miss Joan with a wide set of standards. I will miss Joan who just watches the film, mainly because of the main cast, sort of. I will miss Joan who got all the time in the world to watch all the films she wanted (I don’t think I can still do it.) I know, I know, you would argue that I can still put my movie reviews to the other movie sites, I just don’t want to. I have lost my interest to do so. Flixster is special. With all of its profile skins whatsoever. I can’t stress hard enough how utterly sad I am right now. But everything has an end, and that’s the way it is. Always!

Thank you, Flixsters! You made my movie watching soooo cool. 😥

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